Hey look I drew a thing

oh boy it took me like two months to do this, but here it is!

so to celebrate the alarming number of crazy cool people following me, i’m asking for requests! send me prompts for whatever you’d like to see me draw and i’ll pick my favorites. i promise i’ll take forever but i want to do at least a few, since i’m hitting a bit of an art wall lately and i’m sure they’ll be awesome and inspirational.

so send me whatever - doesn’t have to be AH/RT related. BRING IT

also i will absolutely reply to the lovely anon messages that have accumulated over the past 800 years, i’m just incredibly awkward and shy and have trouble communicating with human beings. also I like to look through my inbox and read them because i’m a giant loser


so this is some fanart of my awesome friend demon-teeth's ridiculously cool characters. you should absolutely check out her stuff cause she is AMAZING AND TALENTED AND SUPER SMART. i mean look at this stuff like DAYUM SON

felt like drawing some happy faces =D

this is super late but i finally did something for king gavin!

i have a buttload of wips sitting around so i thought i’d finish one finally…haven’t drawn much lately cause of destiny work. man…destiny work. amirite? haha. hah. 

i got the nicest comments imaginable on the 7dtd piece (i stalk the tags on my stuff mercilessly) so as a thank you, i thought i’d post up some closeups. 

more of pinstripe-art's lovely king ray design
i tried to design a sword, i really did

more of pinstripe-art's lovely king ray design

i tried to design a sword, i really did

fuckin cool guy
the 7 days to die let’s plays are ridiculous and i love them, so here’s a thing that took a really long time but was a lot of fun. i started it before michael even joined in, but it felt wrong without him and wasn’t symmetrical, so that worked out
i reeeaally like the new outfits. been meaning to draw yang for awhile now so this was mega fun